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Debatable Discussions #333 : Are Your Lack of Limits Limiting You? | SUBSCRIBE + SHARE

By :  @TheBlogFAZ  |  MaxineWhereAreYouNow  ™  (☝subscribe) Debatable Discussions #333 : There are many things that we do (or don't do) that are shaped by what society has told you is normal versus what actually is normal for your purpose-driven life.  This discussion sparked, which was sparked by an invigorating Instagram DM conversation, turned an early a.m. social media video share, into a full on debatable commentary that sparked this post.  Feel free to comment here or on YouTube. There truly aren't any wrong answers when it comes to opinions. You will either agree with me or disagree with me.  But at the end of the day we are both right because we are speaking from the experiences we've had and the experiences we desire to have in the future. Unless your purpose / future is tied to someone you are debating a difference of opinion is just an opportunity to see things from a different perspective.  Even when someone is tied to you from a purpose / future standpoint it c

MAX EATS : Sipipa Sicily Pizza & Pasta (The Review)

By :  @TheBlogFAZ  |  MaxineWhereAreYouNow  ™  (☝subscribe) NAME : Sipipa [Sicily Pizza & Pasta] LOCATION : 6516 Westheimer Rd  Houston, TX 77057  TYPE OF FOOD : Italian  WEBSITE :  ONLINE MENU :  WHAT I GOT : Chicken Alfredo (added some off-menu extras)   Spinach Ravioli  Garlic Bread  Bottled Water  PRICE : Under $40 Food Flavor |  Score : 4 out of 5 Everyone's taste buds are different. So I will describe food flavor based on details as often as possible to give you better insight about what to expect. 5 | Alfredo was creamy and full of cheesy flavor. If you get this pay the extra for the Shrimp, Broccoli, and Mushrooms; you won’t be disappointed.   4 | Because the Spinach Ravioli was a red sauce dish, testing it out mildly clashed with my alfredo, but that is not the fault of Sipipa that was me knowing better but being hungry. When I compared flavorful details, however, the Spinach Ravioli didn’t defeat the Alfredo, but it also didn’t fail

Max Garden Galax ™ | About Basil

  By :  @TheBlogFAZ  |  MaxineWhereAreYouNow  ™  (☝subscribe)