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WHAT IS Buy Martian Merch ™

 By :  @TheBlogFAZ  | Buy Martian Merch ™  (☝subscribe) Buy Martian Merch ™ is a brand born from speaking less while expressing more. It is an APPAREL, ACCESSORIES, DÉCOR. MUSIC, EBOOK (and more) brand rooted in abundant imagination for those who dare to be different. We help unique individuals express themselves without saying a word. ⬆️⬆️ THAT'S THE SHORT VERSION.     THIS IS THE LONG VERSION ⬇️⬇️:   When Max created this brand it was in response to seeing so many silenced in their circles for liking everything from Anime to Sci-Fi to Gaming to K-Pop to Xena Warrior Princess Re-Runs . So many made to feel less than because they didn't fit what family and friends (and sometimes strangers) considered "cultural norms." This was a foreign concept to Max; this idea of feeling less than and repressing joy for the sake of what others say someone should be. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO CREDIT She discovered at year one of QUIRKCON in Durham NC, the emotional and psychol