What is From Ad-Libs to Zephyrs™?

From Ad-Libs To Zephyrs ™ is The Miscellaneous Blog About Anything.

The title is a play on the phrase from A to Z.
Our new website : www.TheBlogFAZ.com ( "THE BLOG PHASE" ) is where you have landed. It is appreciated that you have found yourself here spending your free time learning about what you didn't know before you got here! Why this name? Because of all the things that the MaxineWhereAreYouNow ™ brand has ventured into, the blog phase is by far the most challenging and most exciting one.

From Ad-Libs To Zephyrs ™ incorporates all of the elements of the past and present creative products and services the "MARTIANS" have come to luv.
It does this while uplifting new products, brands, and services, that otherwise may not have been noticed without this opportunity to get exposure by using this blog platform.
From Ad-Libs To Zephyrs ™ is a project meant to inspire whether that be to become a customer or client of a business that you never knew existed, to do the same thing in your own arena, or to just go have an experience that before coming to www.TheBlogFAZ.com, you never knew existed. SOCIAL MEDIA : @BuyMartian on TIKTOK | IG | FB | TW MERCH SITE : www.BuyMartian.com BLOG SITE : www.TheBlogFAZ.com BLOG POSTS TO CHECK OUT THAT ARE RELEVANT TO THIS POST : http://www.theblogfaz.com/2022/05/how-to-love-what-to-avoid.html http://www.theblogfaz.com/2022/05/a-brief-education-the-5-love-languages.html Interested in being interviewed or connecting for collaborations or creative services go to : www.LINQAPP.com/comp735 to see all the things that are possible by connecting with comp735™ LLC.


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