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Max Meets : Comedian Desi Alexander & Discusses How To Get Into Comedy (and Excel)

By : @TheBlogFAZ | MaxineWhereAreYouNow ™  (☝subscribe) Before the summer hit, I had the opportunity to politic with one of my favorite comedians, Desi Alexander after his set at Houston Improv (Houston, TX). It's always so great when the person you consider your big brother in your head can be just like a big brother in real life when you first meet them. A driven and dedicated individual, Desi attributes his success to a plethora of experiences. His anecdotal approach to comedy comes from his life and those around him and is fueled by the support of his family and friends, as well as the (never forgotten) encouraging voices gone too soon. Desi has a work ethic that keeps him humble and in tune with himself, his family, and the anticipating crowd. And he goes from city-to-city sharing his memories in relatable pockets of detail, lined with the healing amusement that is pure hilarity. comp735 ™ LLC. is a creative services company.   Products and services in this post will either