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MAX MEETS : Frank T. Shank

By :  @TheBlogFAZ  |  MaxineWhereAreYouNow  ™  (☝subscribe) The first time I met Frank T. Shank at Frank'N'Land Studios, I already knew I was in for a rollercoaster ride of a personality.  Dressed in a dark gray suit with a pair of red Jordans, he was all business on the surface, and fast-talking hilarity in between audition takes.  Despite his best efforts to have me also audition, I chose to sit the voiceover opportunity out.  I, instead, opted to continue networking on the set with both seasoned and aspiring actors, all interested in landing a part with Hip Hop Meets EDM's new animation project : Lethal Silence . Before the audition event ended, I had a chance to briefly unpack more about Frank and his business adventures with Carl Neyland II (also of Frank'N'Land Studios). But as you may have guessed a brief overview of who Frank is and what he does wasn't going to be sufficient so we scheduled a meeting in Houston to further dig into who Frank T. Shank is,

MAX EATS : Vino & Vinyl (The Review)

By :  @TheBlogFAZ  |  MaxineWhereAreYouNow  ™  (☝subscribe) NAME : Vino & Vinyl LOCATION : 15977 City Walk Sugar Land, TX 77479 TYPE OF FOOD : Wide-ranging Menu WEBSITE : ONLINE MENU :  WHAT I GOT : Bottle of Riesling Chicken Dumplings Rainbow Trout in Lobster Cream Sauce Mashed Potatoes & Veggies Flatbread  (Pepperoni + Tomatoes) Brussel Sprouts PRICE : Under $100 Food Flavor | Score : 4.33 out of 5 Everyone's taste buds are different. So I will describe food flavor based on details as often as possible to give you better insight about what to expect. 5 | The Riesling was superb. I don't usually drink Riesling but I'm so glad this bottle can be added to my expanding palate. 4 | Dumplings were the right combination of soft and flaky, and sweet chili sauce is always a win for me. 5 | Rainbow Trout by far outshined my entire meal, I was not ready to be wow-ed by the flavors and

60-Second Soapbox : What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger Is A LIE!

By :  @TheBlogFAZ  |  MaxineWhereAreYouNow  ™  (☝subscribe) 60-Second Soapbox : What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger Is A Lie is about how it is time to stop blindly believing adages of the past and changing the narrative on our outlook on life.  comp735 ™ LLC. is a creative services company.   Products and services in this post will either be related to brands under the umbrella of comp735 ™ LLC. or will be based on affiliate efforts in which comp735 ™ LLC will receive compensation. We luv sharing random information to the masses, this is how we keep it inexpensive for you to enjoy. If you’re feeling generous you can always feel free to contribute via   CASH APP $Fuega7 BEFORE YOU GO : 15 % off of selected Buy Martian Merch ™  CLICK HERE   Practical gifts for the one you love (even if it’s yourself) on my eBay store (BELOW RETAIL)  CLICK HERE SUBSCRIBE AND GET 25% OFF MONTHLY (as well as never miss out on content)  CLICK HERE Follow on  IG  |  TIKTOK  |  SNAPCHAT  |  TW