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The first time I met Frank T. Shank at Frank'N'Land Studios, I already knew I was in for a rollercoaster ride of a personality. 

Dressed in a dark gray suit with a pair of red Jordans, he was all business on the surface, and fast-talking hilarity in between audition takes. 

Despite his best efforts to have me also audition, I chose to sit the voiceover opportunity out. 

I, instead, opted to continue networking on the set with both seasoned and aspiring actors, all interested in landing a part with Hip Hop Meets EDM's new animation project : Lethal Silence.

Before the audition event ended, I had a chance to briefly unpack more about Frank and his business adventures with Carl Neyland II (also of Frank'N'Land Studios).

But as you may have guessed a brief overview of who Frank is and what he does wasn't going to be sufficient so we scheduled a meeting in Houston to further dig into who Frank T. Shank is, was, and will soon bust through barriers to be. 


"The best writer never known, yet. [I've] written 152 feature scripts, 8 short scripts, and 3 TV shows. [I've] made 9 feature films, 4 short films, 20+ music videos, 2 commercials, and 2 weddings so far. [I've gotten] 3 awards for films and 2 for writing so far but much more to do! "
This whirlwind of impressive accomplishments, is how Frank and I started our conversation during our second meeting. His declaration is self-proclaimed, but his long list of achievements are undeniable. 

Confirming my initial observation of Frank 😏 he will tell you that he is known for having the strangest personality you will ever meet (in a good way)...
But I handle my business, [I] do what I say, [I] don't lie or cheat or steal to get anywhere. [I] do it on my skills and talent. There will never be another like me and writing-wise I've done what less than 5% of the world has. 
One creative force of nature to another, real couldn't help but recognize real as I sat across from him dining on a lunch that he so graciously purchased for me. He jumped from aspirations, to beliefs, to missteps and back to aspirations and what he knows it will take to get him to his next level for himself and for his family. 

Frank can talk a mile a minute, but his words aren't empty. They are filled with insight and nuggets of industry wisdom if you pay attention. After switching conversational gears from what he has accomplished to what he plans to achieve next, he let me know that what he has already done is really just the beginning. 

Frank is currently laying down the foundation for what he is demanding of his future which is : to be an Academy Award recipient as a producer, director, and writer for big budget films. 

After listening to Frank's behind the scenes story to his life, I asked him what inspired him to put so much energy into creating at this level and he said : 

A dream I had. My dad dying. My kids. My life [going] through hell. 
With a demeanor that is so jovial, it is easy to forget that like many of us Frank has experienced his share of tragedies and devastations. But he perseveres guided by the love that he has for his children and his family as a whole. 

Frank's fervor to live in the lessons of mistakes instead of the regrets of them, is what pushes him through the more difficult parts of his adventurous life.

He has many things coming up on his agenda for getting closer to his next chapter of success from a focus on social media skits to turning one of his scripts into a film. 

Frank T. Shank is definitely a name to look for in the future. Don't sleep on his continued greatness.


Frank 'N' Land Studios is headed by Frank T. Shank and Carl Neyland II  They have been in business for about 7 years and their green screen rental studio is one of the largest in Houston. Similar to my first introduction to Frank, Carl and Frank first met at an audition set. Their friendship and business bond was made strong with one simple foundational principle : trust. A principle that carries over into who they are in business as a whole : 

We are honest and will work with anyone who will work with themselves. You gotta believe in yourself if anyone else is gonna. We are believers and achievers. - Frank T. Shank | Frank 'N' Land Studios


Frank, if there was nothing holding you back, not yourself, not your circumstances, not money, not anything... what would you do? 
Produce, direct, and write the best movies the world has [ever] seen. Mine 
- Frank T. Shank | Frank 'N' Land Studios 



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    • 832-297-1312
    • GREEN FX STUDIOS / Frank'N'Land | 8520 Sweetwater Ln STE #59, Houston, TX 77037

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