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MaxineWhereAreYouNow ™ | How To Have "Ultra Clean" Hair for ANY Situation

By :  @TheBlogFAZ |  Max Fuega  (👆subscribe) When you want to get your hair the cleanest it can be for any situation you have to sometimes go through extreme measures to get the desired results.  Below is a helpful hack that may put you on the right track for what you need, even if it is in a crunch.  YES, IT INCLUDES QUICK CLICK LINKS SO THAT YOU CAN GET YOUR INFO AND YOUR ITEMS IN ONE PLACE! Results may vary, but nothing beats a failure like a try.  I hope you (or whoever you share this post with) gets the outcome you are seeking.  Peace & Blessings on trying to get the cleanest hair possible !  (BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE MAKING A DECISION ON USING THIS METHOD) comp735 ™ LLC. is a creative services company.   Products and services in this post will either be related to brands under the umbrella of comp735 ™ LLC. or will be based on affiliate efforts in which comp735 ™ LLC will receive compensation. We luv sharing random information to the masses, t

Buy Martian Merch ™ #MARTIANmusic 👽 Is Now On SPOTIFY!

By :  @TheBlogFAZ  |  Buy Martian Merch ™ (☝subscribe) Buy Martian Merch ™ & NinEleven ™ have been creating planetary projects since 2020 .  Our #MoodMusic series was created to inspire MARTIAN Masses across the galaxy during the 2020 pandemic. Throughout a time of so much uncertainty, we brought to the virtual studio (#VirtualStu) our personal experiences, opinions, and vision for how to give something back .  2020 felt like it did nothing but take month after month. However, the DYNAMO COLLABO Buy Martian Merch ™ & NinEleven ™ was determined to give back to a community that had supported our endeavors for so long. These audible gifts of appreciation meant to soothe, calm, and provoke inspiration were digitally created, packaged and delivered from March 2020-December 2020 | 7 ALBUMS in 9 Months. (CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW & PURCHASE) In 2022, we found that many were still struggling in the aftermath of the pandemic, and we created an inspirational album Planetary Pain :