MAX EATS : Sipipa Sicily Pizza & Pasta (The Review)

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Sipipa [Sicily Pizza & Pasta]

6516 Westheimer Rd 
Houston, TX 77057 




Chicken Alfredo (added some off-menu extras)  
Spinach Ravioli 
Garlic Bread 
Bottled Water 

Under $40

Food Flavor | Score : 4 out of 5

Everyone's taste buds are different. So I will describe food flavor based on details as often as possible to give you better insight about what to expect.

5 | Alfredo was creamy and full of cheesy flavor. If you get this pay the extra for the Shrimp, Broccoli, and Mushrooms; you won’t be disappointed.  

4 | Because the Spinach Ravioli was a red sauce dish, testing it out mildly clashed with my alfredo, but that is not the fault of Sipipa that was me knowing better but being hungry. When I compared flavorful details, however, the Spinach Ravioli didn’t defeat the Alfredo, but it also didn’t fail the test. On a different day... a red sauce craving day... it would be a great option.  

3 | The Garlic Bread was a good accompaniment. On the downside it wasn’t as much in quantity as I thought it would be (but the benevolent server got me some more) and on the upside the meal would have been missing something without it. But it was not a flavor beyond expectation.  

Food Quality / Authenticity 
| Score : 5 out of 5

A category for gauging expectations versus execution.

The location of the restaurant is in a shopping center and for the price I had tampered down my expectations. 

It is a chain and often times chains miss the flavor notes necessary to truly enjoy meals we are used to enjoying. 

But this meal at the Westheimer location was not a disappointment.  

Service |  Score : 5 out of 5

The process of service and the quality of service.

When we first arrived there weren’t many people at the location, but then it got really busy as it got closer to closing. So I had an opportunity to gauge the customer service under both types of conditions. 

The owner (who was also serving our table) stayed consistent with check-ins to make sure that we were satisfied customers.  

Ambience | Score : 5 out of 5

The overall vibe of the environment. 

A place will always get a few more score points from me if it feels secluded or has a “hole in the wall” feel. 

There wasn’t a unique vibe, or an ongoing theme pass it being a local place to get Italian food, but the music was good and the lights were dim (but not too dim). 

A welcome bonus, there were outlets in the walls at each booth so that dining and discussion can easily continue without dying electronics canceling the opportunity for continued connection.  

Parking | Score : 5 out of 5

The process of parking, convenience, and cost.

Ample parking in the shopping center.

Safety | Score : 4 out of 5

Did the environment feel safe (both location and parking lot)

There were less people before the sun went down. At night I encourage staying alert. Nothing seemed out of place, but I would still pay attention to my surroundings in the evening.

Solo Factor | Score : 10 out of 10

You can enjoy this place with someone or alone. It is cozy so bringing a book or some work to do or just enjoying the flavors as the music plays would satisfy your personal excursion. 

Entourage Factor | Score : 5 out of 10

The booths can comfortably sit 2-4 people. So this is not a place where you want to bring a big group if everyone wants to sit together. 

Portions for price | Score : 8 out of 10

I luv pasta, so I always want Philly-size portions of my Italian food. There are very few places that give that kind of heaping pile of goodness, but it would likely satisfy anyone else interested in having pasta for lunch or dinner. 

Creativity / Uniqueness | Score : 5 of 10 

There aren't any stand out visual qualities at Sipipa. Not in presentation or in environment. It's about what should be expected of a cozy location like this. But it doesn't need fanfare to satisfy your pasta craving, it just needs good familiar flavors and that is something Sipipa has covered. 

MAIN RATING : 4.66 out of 5

BONUS RATING : 7 out of 10


The alfredo pasta with chicken, shrimp, and mushrooms (as I'm typing this I'm wishing I had some now). The ravioli was good but paled in comparison to the alfredo.

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