NEW MARTIAN MUSIC : Planetary Pain ™ #MartianMusic Released on 03.20.22

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The 2022 #DynamoCollabo album : Planetary Pain™ by creator MaxineWhereAreYouNow ™ (of Buy Martian Merch™) and producer NineEleven™ is dedicated to the MARTIANS who are finding it hard to PUSH THRU the pain of the last couple of years. 

While both have used music from their projects to create subsequent segues for their collaborations, this album will be the 9th OFFICIAL album on their roster of creativity and music notes.

Dynamo Collabo ussie

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  NinEleven Creating

True to tradition, the Virtual Listening Party was made available 24 hours in advance of the release at midnight, to give "MARTIANS" and "Astronauts" alike the opportunity to be engulfed in the latest collaborative vibe.

MaxineWhereAreYouNow at a diner

Inspired by the quirk of N.E.R.D. life (as well as the reality of friend and family life) the two politicked about what to bring to the galaxy this 8th time around.

They mutually landed on a mellow but motivating vibe of tracks designed to meet you where you are, and uplift you until you stand tall and strong with motivation.

These galactic tunes created to get you in a better mood... can be found on the website.

CLICK HERE to checkout both the music and the merch! (Virtual Listening Party Below).


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