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Saturday, March 12th, while casually walking through The Black Market Place, Afro Soca Love, the coy energy of Jessica Palmer pulled me to a table adorned with an impressive array of crystal creations.

My favorite of the spread being the "Chaos Clip."`

It was my first time being introduced to this type of creation in the crystal family of products, and I luv how it gave an earthy upgrade to the idea of the opera length "puff-puff holder."

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Jessica Palmer of Knots of Ease ™

Jessica Palmer is one half of the company Knots of Ease. A company that she and her sister Jodi Gentry trailblazed into existence during Aries season 2021 on March 28th.

When I asked Jessica, "Why crystals?" She responded, "Crystals assist with the navigation of life."

Both Jessica and Jodi are in sync about the power of crystals and why when choosing to get into business together, crystal accessory creation was the only business that made sense for their entrepreneurial vision, and unshakeable sisterly bond.

A student of crystals early into childhood, Jodi first got into crystals because she was intrigued by their natural healing history.

"[Knots of Ease] is healing...not jewelry. All things are here for our benefit if we learn to use them." - Jodi Gentry | Knots of Ease

Jodi is inspired by holistic wellness of the masses and pours her thoughts out with excitement as she expresses the numerous benefits of crystals.

During our conversation she points out that crystals are grown in the ground the same as plants and vegetables; the same plants and vegetables that supply our nutrients and continue to keep us healthy day-to-day.

MAX : "How do you charge your crystals, Jodi?"

JODI : "I charge my crystals through prayer. And I put all my crystals on selenite, which cleanses AND charges my crystals."

After her daily prayers, Jodi asks herself what she needs for the day, goes to her crystals, and lets the energy of the moment speak to her and supply her with what she needs.

Based on what she chooses she goes through her day either wearing crystals or keeping the chosen crystals close by in her purse.



Knots of Ease ™ Crystal Products

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Gentry (Jodi's husband) during our conversation and noticed he had a beautiful crystal necklace around his neck as well.

I asked him how he chose this crystal and he echoed the method of connecting with his crystals that Jodi did -- he lets the crystals find him.

Jodi chimed in chuckling, "The high vibrational crystals always choose him."

They both beamed in smiling confirmation and love for each other. It was a moment enveloped in warmth.



Knots of Ease ™ Crystal Pipe

A business based in Dallas, TX I was glad that cosmic energy won out over a long day and the grandly overwhelming display of products and services (that Afro Soca Love has come to be known for) that Saturday. Because if not for the amplified positive energy emitting from their designated space amid many, I would have passed them by as I had so many other tables at this point in the day. But the U-turn back to their table was a must, and I'm so glad I made it.

To get products aligned with crystals and created by Knots of Ease you can check out their website :

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