A Brief Education : The 5 Love Languages

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By now any adult over the age of 25 knows what the 5 Love Languages are, or has at least heard about them in passing. If you are not familiar I will give you a short run down. This is a brief education, but I encourage you to take the time to check into it for yourself on a deeper level. Your relationship (and your partner) will thank you.

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Quality Time

Couple spending quality time

Individuals with this love language feel most loved when receiving undivided attention (preferably without having to "nag" or repeatedly request it). Meaningful conversations, "Netflix & Chilling," playing board and card games, and believe it or not just being in the same room not even saying anything (when your relationship reaches that level of maturity) is top tier for those who prefer this love language.

Physical Touch

Couple on floor touching

Before you turn into a hormonal teenager on me, this is not all about sexual touch. This is about intimacy. Physical signs of affection do not always have to lead to bedroom antics (although it easily can). Individuals whose love language is touch like to touch and be touched in safe and comforting ways that make them feel more connected with their partner. Even when it is done while multi-tasking, the effort at connectivity is intentional and well-appreciated by the "Physical Touch Is My Love Language" group.

Acts of Service

Couple in the kitchen together

What matters to those who prefer this love language, is having a partner who can make their life easier. No one wants all of the responsibilities and concerns to rest solely on one person's shoulders, but this is how this group feels the MOST loved. They want to be partnered with someone who is eager to find big and small ways to add value and balance to the ebb and flow of every day life.

Words of Affirmation

Couple on the couch

"I love you" goes a long way with people who have this as their love language. They want to hear it often, but it doesn't just stop with that. Showing appreciation verbally, being ENCOURAGED by words, and of course compliments are all very big green flags for this group. You will find these are your heavy digital communicators, usually via text and/or social media.

Receiving Gifts

Guy giving surprise gift to girlfriend

This love language is often misunderstood, because it is a more tangible exhibition of love. But rest assured that for this group it is not about monetary value. It is more about the symbolism behind why a gift is being given. So don't automatically think that someone with this love language is automatically a "Gold Digger." Gold diggers do exist, this just isn't the litmus test to figure out if a person is or not.

The Main Take Away...

The 5 Love Languages aren't about just choosing one love language, it is a more encompassing concept. Every person on some level has a percentage of their heart that feels appreciated when any 5 of these are extended by a partner. It's just that some you deem more important than others. Knowing the love languages not only helps you learn how to love your partner. It can also help you verbalize how to help your partner better understand the best ways to love you as well.

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